When Condensation Forms in Your Attic

Nov 15, 2020Roofing

A roof leak typically becomes visible during a heavy rain event. You might observe some dripping or running water coming from the roof. Leaks don’t always drip from the same location as the actual damage in your roof. They sometimes take other directions and start dripping around the roof structure, so finding them is not always straightforward. You need a proper roof inspection to find those punctures.

True Roof Leaks

As explained above, true roof leaks drip or run from the roof during a rain event, particularly if it’s heavy. You might observe the water collecting and forming a stain on your ceiling, dripping through light fixtures, damaging drywall seams and even causing a ceiling cave-in.

A true leak is something you can’t ignore. It is a roofing emergency that you should call a roofer to fix as soon as possible. If you ignore a leak and “solve” it by putting a bucket under the drip, the leak is going to get worse, and it will soon affect more components of your home, not just the roofing system.


Sometimes, you might mistake water damage as the product of a roof leak when it’s actually due to condensation. There may be no holes in your roof, but moisture can collect in your attic and cause a drip. You might find ceiling stains, damp walls or a stronger drip depending on the amount of moisture.

There are several causes of condensation. The most common include:

  • Cooking
  • Taking long showers or baths
  • Having a fish tank in your home
  • Furnace
  • Humidifier

Moisture that’s trapped in your home can collect around openings like the gaps in your ceiling because it is trying to escape, just like heat. When it’s unable to escape, it can also become frost during winter. When the frost melts, it will drip, making most homeowners mistake it for a roof leak.

Your attic may have poor airflow, the wrong size or location of vents, broken or a lack of seals, lack of insulation or a simple case of poor design.

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