Steps to Ensure a Fair Claim for Your Storm-Damaged Roof

Aug 11, 2020Repairing

Dealing with the aftermath of a storm can be overwhelming. With everyone’s safety a top priority, the potential costs of restoring a damaged roof are too much for any homeowner to keep an eye on. Filing an insurance claim would be a reasonable course of action to take to help minimize these expenses.

Keep in mind, however, that filing one won’t automatically guarantee an approval. To build a fair claim that will allow you to be compensated for the needed roof repair and restoration, you have to take these important steps:

Obtain Pieces of Evidence

Start building a fair claim through proper documentation. As soon as the storm has passed and the coast is clear, safely go outside your home and inspect your home and its surroundings. Take photos of your damaged roof and other exterior components; this will help establish proof of what happened to your insurer.

Perform Temporary Repairs

Do everything you can to mitigate roof damage. If the roof surface has missing shingles, cover that part of the roof with tarps. Catch leaking water you find on your ceiling. Leaving them without any temporary repair will not only worsen your roof’s condition but also cause you to not receive adequate compensation you deserve. To prevent this situation from ever happening, be sure to reach out to local residential roofing pros who will make immediate repairs and conduct thorough inspections.

Never Delay

Time is of the essence when filing a storm damage insurance claim for your damaged roof. After you’ve called in the roofing pros for an inspection, don’t forget to reach out to your insurance company as well. Take note of their window for accepting claim applications as well. You don’t want to risk losing your chance to be compensated for your much-needed roof work following a storm.

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