Preparing Your Home for a Roof Replacement

Jun 15, 2020Roofing

A roof replacement requires a lot of planning and preparation. What can you do to ensure a residential roofing installation goes as smoothly as possible?

Clear Your Yard and Driveway

Park your vehicles away from your home, and remove patio furniture on your lawn to prevent construction debris from damaging them. Clearing your driveway also frees up space where contractors can place their tools and equipment.

Trim the Lawn

When contractors tear off your old roof, nails shingles, all kinds of debris may end up on your lawn. No need to worry about the construction mess though; your contractors will handle cleanup. You can make it easier for them to remove nails from the grass by trimming your lawn before construction starts.

Cover Flowerbeds With a Tarp

If there are ornamental plants near your home, you can drape a plastic tarp over them to protect them from falling debris.

Remove Picture Frames From Your Walls

Expect a lot of shaking inside while your old roof is being torn off. Remove picture frames and other artwork to prevent them from being damaged.

Arrange Alternative Accommodation for Kids and Pets

Roof replacements generate a lot of noise, which can be stressful for pets. Not to mention there will be several safety risks around your home during the roof replacement. That’s why it’s best if you can have your kids and pets stay with friends or relatives during the roof replacement.

Why Hire GAF-Certified Contractors

In addition to meticulous planning and preparation, roof replacements also require significant investment. One way of maximizing your returns on investment is to have a GAF-certified roofer install your roof. GAF-certified roofing contractors offer exclusive roofing warranties that offer more protection than a standard warranty and give you more value for your money.

Looking for GAF-certified roofers in your area?

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