How Different Are Wind Speed and Wind Load?

Feb 12, 2021Repairing

One of the elements that constantly bears a heavy load on your roofing system is the wind. This is more apparent if you live in an area with high winds and strong downpours. In fact, the wind can be so destructive that it could tear off parts of your shingles and decking away from your home.

Two factors of the wind that can damage your roof are its speed and its load. In this post, Home Remedy USA, the top roof replacement company, explains their difference here.

What Is Wind Speed?

Speed is the primary factor that contributes to roofing damage. When storms are in the discussion, it’s measured at a point that’s 33 feet elevated from the ground. It gradually increases its strength as it gets faster. However, the wind’s effect isn’t uniform throughout your roof since other factors can affect it, like wind direction, roof slope, and the home’s altitude.

Wind Load

Another factor that goes hand in hand with wind damage is the wind load. In simpler terms, your roofer would tell you that the wind load is the amount of force that is being applied by the wind, along with the air density on your roof’s surface. One prime example of this situation is a wind uplift. During this situation, the wind load is too much for your wind to bear, tearing off your shingles in the process.

Get a Wind-Resistant Roof

Keep in mind that wind damage doesn’t only affect your roof, but also other portions of your home such as your siding and the windows. This is why it’s important to incorporate the shape and size of your roof when you’re looking for a new roofing system. Make sure that your roofer is familiar with the right parameters to handle the force of strong winds.

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