Design Tips: Choosing Roof Shingle Colors

Jun 15, 2020Roofing

Your roof is more than just your home’s first line of defence against the elements. Composing more than 40% of your exterior, it has a significant impact on your home’s curb appeal. To help you maximize your returns on investment on a roof replacement, here are some quick tips on choosing roof shingle colors:

Stick to Tried-and-Tested Color Combinations

When in doubt, it’s best to stick to classic color combinations. The color of your exterior will be the primary factor in deciding the color of your new roof. Classic combinations include:

  • Red exterior – Dark brown, black, grey and green
  • Light grey exterior – Grey, black, green, blue and white
  • Beige exterior – Brown, black, grey, green and blue
  • Brown – Grey, brown, green and blue
  • White – The best thing about having a white exterior is that almost any color can be paired with it
  • Weathered wood and log houses – Brown, green, black and grey

To narrow down your color choices, you can also find out the colors most often used in your home’s architectural style. You can consult a professional roofer to learn more about your options.

Take Into Account Your Area’s Climate

There’s also a functional side to choosing roof colors; darker colors absorb more heat and can raise roof temperatures while light colors reflect heat and lower its temperatures. Don’t underestimate how much of an impact colors can have on roof and attic temperatures. The color of your shingles can affect the temperature in your attic by as much as 40 degrees. Making sure temperatures in your roof and attic remain at manageable levels not only helps improve indoor comfort, but also extends your roof’s lifespan.

Design tip: Having trouble visualizing your exterior? GAF, the country’s number one brand, has an online virtual home remodeler that can give you an idea of how well your new roof complements the rest of your exterior. To make sure your roof stands out, only install shingles from trusted brands, such as GAF.

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