Common Signs of a Bad Roofing Job

Jan 15, 2021Roofing

Replacing a roof is a huge commitment in terms of expenses. Many homeowners would settle for cheaper materials and labor, but if you want your roof to last, you shouldn’t skimp on these. You should only hire a reputable roofing contractor and use top-quality materials.

There are instances, however, when you’re stuck with a low-quality or poorly installed roof, or both. You may have bought the house cheap, or you failed to check the roof properly before giving the owner your money. This list should tell you if your roof is of below-average quality.

No Drip Edge

A good roofer would never fail to install a drip edge. This is the sheet of metal installed between the shingles and the underlayment, extending over the gutter. This sheet protects your fascia from water damage. Roofing cement is used to install the drip edge, but your roofer may also use short nails above the edge of the shingles to attach the drip edge.

No Underlayment

Storm chasers or fly-by-night roofing operators are often guilty of this. The underlayment is a sheet of paper or some other material beneath the shingles. It is a waterproofing barrier. So, if it’s not there, your roof is likely to develop leaks.

Missing Flashing

Flashing protects the most vulnerable parts of the roof, such as valleys, penetrations and intersections, from leaks. If you can’t find flashing on your roof, the contractor took some shortcuts. Likewise, if flashing is not correctly installed or isn’t caulked, your roofer did a poor job.

Poor Nailing

Are the nails too big or too small? Are they spaced too close or too far away from each other? Some nails might be crooked as well. This is a sign that your contractor didn’t do a good job or lacked experience.

Lack of Uniformity

One side of your roof may wear faster than the other. That side is the one facing the sun, and that’s normal. But the wear on that side should be uniform across the roof. Likewise, the shingles should more or less match each other. If you recently had your roof repaired, the new shingles might stand out. But if it’s a new roof, and the shingles are mismatched, your contractor was probably trying to save money by reusing old shingles from a previous job while charging you the full amount.

If you need roof replacement or repairs, it’s a good idea to do your research and hire a reputable roofing contractor to avoid such problems. Get in touch with Home Remedy USA today. Call us at (800) 273-6080, or fill out our contact form.