4 Items That Can Add to the Total Cost of a Roof Replacements

May 15, 2020Roofing

There’s always a chance a roof replacement will incur additional costs due to unforeseen circumstances. You need to keep a close eye on these costs – individually, they might not seem much, but these costs can add up quickly.
Here are the items that can add to the total cost of roof repairs or a roofing replacement:

  1. Roof Decking
  2. Decking located under your roof serves as its structural base as well as a secondary barrier against moisture in case your roof suffers a leak. You don’t necessarily need to replace your decking when you get a roof replacement. To check if the roof decking needs to be replaced as well, your contractor will inspect the underside of the decking through the crawlspace or the attic. However, this inspection method isn’t completely accurate, which is why there’s still a chance your contractor may find signs of rot in your decking when they tear off your old roof.

  3. Disposal Costs
  4. The heavier your roof is, the longer it takes to tear it off and the higher the disposal costs.

  5. Roof Underlayment
  6. When you think about waterproofing your roof, shingles are usually the first thing that comes into mind. However, shingles alone won’t be able to protect your home from the elements. The type of underlayment and decking used, the exhaust vents and the insulation in your attic as well as the roof fasteners all help prevent water from infiltrating your roof.

  7. Types of Roof Warranties
  8. Some homeowners think warranties are a waste of money, but given how your roof is regularly exposed to wear and tear, warranties are more of a necessity. Here’s a tip: you can get value for your money by taking advantage of manufacturer warranties. For instance, a GAF roof installed by a GAF-certified roofer is eligible for exclusive warranties offered by the manufacturer. To learn more about your warranty options, consult a GAF-certified roofer.

Remember: while it’s important to stay within budget, you can’t get too preoccupied with the costs. Focus instead on the features and warranties that can give you value for your money.

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