3 Essentials You Should Know About Hurricane Damage Coverage

Oct 15, 2020Repairing

If your area is prone to hurricanes, you might want to upgrade your homeowner’s insurance policy. After all, hurricanes cause millions of dollars of property damage every year, and dealing with the aftermath can be extremely daunting. But with hurricane damage coverage in place, restoring your home to its pre-loss condition becomes much easier. Here are some of the essentials every homeowner should know about hurricane damage coverage.

  1. Your homeowner’s insurance may have it. Damage caused by hurricanes is usually covered by most homeowner’s insurance policies. But it still doesn’t hurt to check yours. Make sure the fine print specifically mentions coverage against floodwaters, windstorms and lightning. You should also make note of any exclusions cited in the policy. Basic homeowner’s insurance tends to offer limited coverage, so it always pays to confirm.
  2. There is no stand-alone hurricane damage insurance. It is actually made up of a combination of different insurance policies that cover damage arising from high wind speeds, heavy downpours, flooding and storm surges. Most policies come with limited coverage, so you should determine whether you have the option to purchase higher limits. Consulting a reliable roofing contractor like Home Remedy USA can tell you more about this.
  3. The area you live in affects your hurricane damage coverage. For example, if you live in a high-risk zone, your homeowner’s insurance might limit or even exclude windstorm or hail coverage. Areas that are susceptible to hurricanes might also have exclusions for wind damage. This means you’ll have to buy necessary insurance to cover the damage caused by hurricanes.

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